How Blockchain Can Disrupt Real Estate And Other Industries By 2020

  • By 2020, the blockchain industry will become a massive 20 billion USD industry .
  • Now, various studies report that 69% of the leading banks around the world are experimenting with blockchain technology, with research claiming that if they use blockchain, banks could save approximately 8–12 billion USD every year.
  • Because blockchains are immutable, meaning information within them cannot be deleted, it means that once a creator’s name is attached to their work on the blockchain, no one will be able to take ownership or credit for it other than the original creator.
  • Blockchain, thanks to its smart contracts technology, can solve these problems to a large extent.
  • In many countries, people go for treatment at various hospitals and many different doctors throughout their lifetime.
  • Ultimately, blockchain will provide a stable system for people both inside and outside the legal industry to transfer assets among different parties safely and efficiently.

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