ICO Review CBNT.io

  • CBNT is a distributed professional content sharing community based on block chain technology and DPGC ecosystem model.
  • The incentive is divided into three parts: the author (content creator) 45%, content viewers and communicator (likes, comments, sharing) 45%, and the token locked CBNT token owner 10%.
  • Mining incentive values ​​are calculated based on the amount of tokens held, donation amount, mining behavior (like / stock / comments), and mining behavior rating.
  • He has worked in the technical management field of well-known companies such as Ericsson for nearly a decade and joined the CBNT early in 2018 to provide solutions for the overall technical implementation of the project, including architectural design, technology optimization, and team management.
  • He has seven years of product / project management experience in product design, user experience and system architecture, including trading systems, risk management systems, and monitoring systems.
  • In early 2018, he joined the CBNT and will provide CBNT project business model and product framework solutions.

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