David Koepsell (YICB 07), Co-founder of Encrypgen, LLC and Blockchain in Healthcare Global

  • David Koepsell is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Encrypgen, a software company creating next-generation blockchain solutions for genomic data, and the co-founder of Blockchain in Healthcare Global, a new trade association mitigating risks and barriers to adoption of blockchain and converging innovations in healthcare and the life and social sciences while advancing progress in scientific replicability, medical ethics, human rights, and global inclusion.
  • I started to come up with this notion that we could use blockchain to combine our dual interests of allowing people to maintain ownership of their genomic data and making that data accessible for research.
  • We thought this might be a problem for science because people would be less willing to donate tissues and data for scientific research.
  • We considered that one way to create a sort of pseudo -property right would be to use a blockchain, which is similar to creating a “title” to something of value.
  • We can do something similar with genomic data, and we can create a way to disseminate that data to scientists who need it for research while also allowing people to receive compensation for their data through blockchains.

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