Apollo Foundation Developing Post-Blockchain Infrastructure and Decentralized Internet – Blockgeeks

  • A key initiative is the development of DAG (directed acyclic graph), making Apollo one of the first cryptocurrency projects to build the decentralized, post-blockchain consensus technology.
  • The foundation will develop:  ARKnet, a decentralized application infrastructure; smart contract capabilities; a tokenization platform; Apollo Cloud, a decentralized cloud storage service; and national currency initiative in Africa, in partnership with ADF Group.
  • We’re architecting a post-blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) based on the advanced principles of DAG (directed acyclic graph) consensus,” says Steve McCullah, director of business development.
  • The foundation is developing ARKnet, a decentralized application (dapp) infrastructure within the Apollo ecosystem.
  • Apollo Cloud will become one of the first decentralized, near-limitless cloud storage systems.

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