Particl Launches World’s Most Private, Decentralized and Near-Zero Fee eCommerce Marketplace | Block Telegraph

  • Fully decentralized and completely private, the Particl Open Marketplace is built with proven P2P and blockchain technologies, creating the world’s most private, secure and affordable online platform for buyers and sellers.
  • Built in keeping with the Particl core commitment to privacy, Open Marketplace is poised to disrupt eCommerce with its ability to directly connect vendors and buyers at virtually no cost for either party.
  • Its entirely decentralized and autonomous architecture creates a friction-free marketplace, allowing anyone to safely buy products and services online and pay for them using cryptocurrencies.
  • Integrated directly into the Particl Desktop, Particl’s flagship client, the Open Marketplace was designed to provide an easy, intuitive user experience for crypto experts and newcomers alike.

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