Amazon Joins Tech’s Great Quantum Computing Race

  • On Monday, the company said it would widen its cloud menu to include access to quantum computers -Amazon’s first big commitment to a technology rivals IBM and Google say will transform computers’ impact on businesses and society.
  • Starting this month, customers will be able to access quantum hardware from three startups via Amazon’s cloud platform, which has nearly half of the cloud computing market.
  • AWS installed equipment at the facilities of startups D-Wave Systems, IonQ, and Rigetti Computing to link those companies’ prototype quantum processors into its vast network of conventional hardware.
  • Microsoft, whose cloud computing business ranks second behind Amazon, became the first company to announce it would offer access to multiple forms of quantum hardware last month.
  • “Having multiple machines and technologies available is much better than forcing someone down a single choice for hardware or software,” Vass of Amazon says-in the same way that the company offers cloud customers many different processor and software choices.

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