Analyzing Crypto Exchanges

  • This is the first important step because if it’s a security token, it has its own set of exchanges that it can be listed on, it can’t be listed on most of the regular exchanges that you can look at on sites like Coin 360 , Coinmarketcap , or Coingecko .
  • Knowing what the regulations are in your country of sale is incredibly important as is researching which exchanges are available for use in your country of sale.
  • Currencies offered
    You want to make sure to choose an exchange that offers trading with your base currency, meaning the currency upon whose blockchain you built your platform.
  • We recommend using different comparison websites as they can report different information.
  • Utilizing the several comparison websites that are available can be an incredibly useful tool to use while completing your research, and we recommend that you use it to start your initial inquiry.

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