ASCENT showed us that the future of work is here and that decentralization, disruption and democratization are more than just buzzwords – Grit Daily

  • Many of today’s presentations focused on the application of technology and the future of work.
  • The outcome of their research revealed that a RegWall and PayWall dual infrastructure would meet the demands of their subscribers.
  • Doing so would necessitate having both a free and a paid service platform, each offering different features.
  • McConnell felt that any new features added after the decision was made to migrate to a paid subscription model were “fair game” for monetization.
  • Mashinsky has evolved voice over internet protocol (VoIP) into MoIP (Money over internet protocol) proposing to bypass the financial toll collectors, reward the depositors with profit-sharing and reduce the eggregious fees collected from borrowers in traditional banking arrangements with his bitcoin transfer service.
  • Mozilla’s lean data practices include equating data with value.

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