AWS Announces New Quantum Computing Service (Amazon Braket) along with AWS Center for Quantum Computing and AWS Quantum Solutions Lab

  • Amazon Quantum Solutions LabĀ is a program that connects customers with quantum computing experts from Amazon and its technology and consulting partners to develop internal expertise aimed at identifying practical uses of quantum computing, and accelerating the development of quantum applications with meaningful impact.
  • Amazon Braket lets customers get started quickly, using familiar tools like Jupyter notebooks, and providing the same, consistent AWS experience they know today, without having to engage multiple vendors or risk being locked into a single technology.
  • In combination with customer access to Amazon Braket, and by integrating with familiar software tools for optimization, quantum simulation, computational material science, and quantum chemistry, the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab will help customers to determine where existing high performance computing can currently meet their needs, begin to develop their own strategy for quantum computing, build internal expertise, and eventually deploy quantum applications.

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