Benefits of AI & Blockchain Technology Together

  • Too little attention has been paid to the ambitious ways that AI and blockchain technology can be mixed together, however, despite the immense benefits that can be derived from such collaboration.
  • AI & Blockchain will change the supply chain
    IBM has made it quite clear that the modern supply chain is ripe for disruption, with emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and the IoT appearing to be particularly promising in this regard.
  • The company has already released research demonstrating how AI and blockchain can be merged to radically upend modern supply chains in order to make them more efficient and less expensive to operate.
  • IBM’s Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN) is a useful example of how companies in the future will use blockchain-powered services to secure their supply chain and eliminate friction in the delivery and affirmation process.
  • Blockchain technology will be needed to secure that data, and complex AI programs will be needed to make sense of it as the pile of information grows ever-larger.

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