Blockchain and AI: 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Society is now entering what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • The AI can analyze large amounts of data and blockchain can serve as the immutable foundation for securely storing the records for use by various industries, since the Fourth Industrial Revolution is more of a breakthrough in data analysis.
  • Further, organizations will finally be able to wrap their arms around data and application proliferation with AI-powered solutions that will predict how much storage they’ll need based on current data growth.
  • According to our survey, nearly a quarter of IT decision makers believe blockchain is inherently secure and doesn’t need additional data protection, while 66% believe it needs to be safeguarded to protect against potential threats.
  • According to our research, the vast majority of IT decision makers are intrigued by data backup and recovery solutions that incorporate AI or machine learning, recognizing that AI-powered solutions have the potential to deliver capabilities beyond data protection, such as threat predictability strategies.

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