Blockchain Leader Kaleido Unveils New Enterprise Tech Stack to Power Modern Business Networks, Backed by Asset Tokenization and Hybrid Deployments

  • Launched in collaboration with industry-leading organizations who are digitally transforming their aging and siloed business processes, Kaleido’s new B2B tech stack offers the easy button for asset tokenization and trading, enterprise integration, and hybrid deployment for blockchain networks.
  • -backed Kaleido launched over a dozen new enterprise tools, features, and capabilities to advance the business-to-business (B2B) collaboration of companies looking to reinvent their core payment systems, supply chains, commerce rails, financing, and cross-industry processes.
  • Kaleido’s new B2B tech stack, a core component of its Blockchain Business Cloud  backed by new asset tokenization and hybrid deployment services, provide the foundational platform that companies need to power their modern business networks in today’s emerging ecosystem economy.
  • There is a competitive advantage to participate in one of these new modern business networks, or consortiums, which can include operational improvements, differentiated new revenue streams, and ownership stake in new business models.
  • With a strong focus on enterprise requirements, Kaleido announced its dedicated consortium offering for clients who require the highest degrees of isolation, providing the configuration, ownership and governance flexibility designed for the modern business network.

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