Blockchain Platform FLETA, Signed a Contract to Develop Proprietary Blockchain Technology with Heart Number, the AI Trading Platform

  • FLETA will provide its own blockchain and PoF mining system to Heart Number.
  • Through the contract, Heart Number and FLETA will issue Heart Number’s own coin and mainnet, gateway, block explorer, and wallet for Heart Number will also be provided.
  • Under the agreement, Sendsquare’s FLETA will build Heart Number’s mainnet and Heart Number will apply FLETA’s own consensus algorithm, Proof-of-Formulation (PoF).
  • The details of development include a mining portal page for early mining applications, a block explorer that can monitor coin trading, a gateway, proprietary formulas, a wallet specifically for the Heart Number network, and the PoF mining system.
  • Heart Number is a trading platform that provides distributed prediction information using artificial intelligence (AI) and offers automatic ordering for users of its application.

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