Blockchain Real Estate Statistics

  • While undoubtedly important, this third-party verification comes at a cost — normally 1-2 percent of the total value of the property — and adds extra time to the process. (
  • By offering a 100 percent incorruptible resource, whereby the sender and recipient of funds was logged, and where “digital ownership certificates” for properties are saved, the blockchain would effectively make forged ownership documents and false listings a thing of the past. (
  • The collected tokens can be exchanged for fiat currency, with buyers owning a percentage stake of the property. (
  • He estimated that about 75 percent of the assets in Harbor’s pipeline are properties. (
  • The moonshot goal is to capture 5% of global real estate transactions, which is a $200+ trillion market. (
  • OKEx accounts for over 60% of the trading volume. (