Brief: How Dapps Work? – Coinnounce

  • Current Issues in Agriculture solved by Blockchain
    Due to current problems such as food shortages, food safety, and climate change, the blockchain can play an essential role in optimizing agricultural practices and creating new potential market opportunities.
  • Today, there are several cases of use of the agricultural industry, ranging from real-time management of supply chain transactions and financing, intelligent ( agricultural ) contracts, data monitoring to reducing human error.
  • Blockchain Technology is a distributed system of fixed chain networks in the food industry, based on its unchangeable nature to solve the problem of integrity in the supply chain.
  • You can also integrate blockchain with other technologies such as analysis, large Data, machine learning, and IoT. Connect your external blockchain networks with SAP HANA, a powerful in-memory data platform accessible through our blockchain app enablement of the cloud chain, the service ( scheduled for launch ) provides state – of – the – art analytic and development opportunities to work with blockchain.
  • Emerging now: P2P networks using blockchain to manage cloud storage based on the distribution of surplus disk and network capacity on PCs and data centers.
  • Storj uses the blockchain to track digital “farmers” who, like Bitcoin miners , have opted to allow the application to share excess network and storage capacity on their computers or servers.

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