California groundwater, IoT sensors and blockchain –

  • The Freshwater Trust ( TFT ) is partnering with IBM Research and SweetSense to pilot technologies which can accurately monitor and track groundwater use in one of the largest and most at risk aquifers in North America, the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta in California.
  • Additional research support will come from the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • The future success of these sustainability plans hinges on being able to track and report groundwater use, and likely will also require a robust way to trade groundwater shares as well, ” said Alex Johnson, Freshwater Fund Director with TFT.
  • For groundwater concerns in the same area, TFT helped support the formation of the Northern Delta Groundwater Sustainability Agency.
  • 17 local agencies formed into one integrated agency and began work on a unified plan for sustainably managing groundwater use.

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