Can quantum computing revolutionize A.I.?

  • Conventional models for AI, which are based on how the human brain might work, are not effective as we still don’t have a definitive understanding of how the brain works, says Eberhard Schoeneburg, founder of Alternative AI .
  • The key aspect of Alternative AI is to come up with explaining intelligence without referring to brains,” says Schoeneburg.
  • As you know, nobody will actually come out and say this, but that deep learning and deep networks and recurrent neural networks, they only work to very specific problems that they don’t even really work all that well.
  • When I was looking at the slime activity and how it invades, one of the most fascinating things that you said that made complete sense was that completely non-intelligent beings or organisms can create intelligent systems when they act together.
  • That’s why it’s called Alternative AI, maybe an alternative way to generate intelligent behavior.
  • I mean, if you’re a real industry player, you really have to think three times whether you’re gonna use open source or not.

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