Celsius Network and Battlestar Capital launch new crypto staking service

  • PoS coins has emerged as a profitable avenue for investors – including Bitcoin maximalists – to gain sizeable yield with their passive holdings,” said Adam Carver, CEO of Battlestar Capital, which has been privately participating in PoS networks since December 2017 when its founders developed a series of algorithms to optimize staking rewards.
  • Battlestar’s custom-build form of MPC security is compatible with all known form functions of staking and can further be used to secure other tokens and digital assets in a more accessible way than that of cold storage,” said Uri Stav, Battlestar Capital advisor on security and cryptography.
  • “Battlestar makes hosting masternodes, like Zcoin’s Znodes, more accessible.
  • One of their unique features is the use of a secure MPC key solution, which fragments a private key and stores its pieces separately to eliminate the risk of a single entry point.

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