Crypto Marketplace OpenBazaar Nears Support for Ethereum Payments

  • Decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar is on the cusp of adding support for ether ( ETH ) payments and, beyond that, Dai payments.
  • Washington Sanchez, an OpenBazaar core developer and co-founder of the decentralized marketplace’s maintainer company OB1, confirmed as much on Reddit on Thursday, noting that preparations for Ethereum support were in the ” final stages ” and that Dai support would be following imminently.
  • Thus OpenBazaar’s expansion to ether and tokens running atop Ethereum not only represents an expanding vision and structure but also the likely literal expansion of the marketplace’s activity itself, as the widened currency support will undoubtedly bring an influx of new Ethereum users.
  • To begin selling items on OpenBazaar, sellers must open a “store” within the market’s associated desktop app, at least for now – support for web and mobile sales are reportedly coming soon.

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