Crypto VC: Bitcoin And S&P 500 Trading At Near-Zero Correlation | NewsBTC

  • The crypto market‘s lack of correlation with traditional equities, like American stocks, bonds, and real estate, has always been an integral part of the tantalizing, entrancing nature of Bitcoin.
  • In the CNBC interview, the former Facebook employee noted that the correlation between BTC and the S&P 500 (SPX) is practically non-existent near-zero, adding that this is much of the same with the U.S. dollar index.
  • Zhu elaborated on the matter, writing:

    “Through high prices and low prices, high volatility and low volatility, correlation between $BTC and $SPX continues to be near-zero.

  • ” when a high level of correlation between the SPX and BTC was achieved, the cryptocurrency should be sold.

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