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  • Decentralized P2P Lending Services vs Networks
    Peer-to-peer lending (crowdfunding) is an alternative financial system, the essence of which is to provide individual lenders and borrowers with a way of lending money to unrelated persons, or equal parties, without involving a traditional financial intermediary.
  • In some services, lenders may try to reduce the overall risk by diversifying their investments among different borrowers, and to reduce the risk of bad debts, having the ability to choose the borrowers to which they provide loans.
  • Secondly, these are purely cryptocurrency P2P lendings , for example: ETHlend Elix Maker DAO
    As we see, the market for decentralized P2P lending solutions is gradually being filled by projects based on blockchain technologies.
  • There can be an arbitrary number of currency networks within the Trustlines Network ecosystem, using a related Currency Network Token Factory smart contract.
  • The GEO is a Layer 3 protocol solution, one of the main goals of which is to solve the interoperability problem of various cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems, as well as to interconnect them with traditional financial systems.

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