Development On the ICO market [Part. 1] – PayPlus+ AG – Medium

  • Development within the ICO market is clashing with reality; nevertheless, PayPlus+ is executing the private sale of 100 million PLUS tokens as a result of an existing product and profitable multichannel B2B business, PCI DSS 3.2 certified transaction gateway on a cloud network.
  • Tokens are born as a brilliant new understanding of startup crowdfunding , where corporates offer self-created digitalized units of measurement that represent different rights of the issuing companies; mostly fractional ownership or profit-sharing in case of security tokens, and access to applications or services in case of utility tokens.
  • The ICO market: a “Kuddelmuddel” of chaotic, arbitrary statistical data
    Sustained by BTC price-dynamic in 2017 (from $900 to $19.000), greed was the driven motivation of private crypto-enthusiasts when buying tokens representing mostly a concept, without any tangible product or service.
  • By assessing data on ICO-data, Coindesk , ICObench , Coinschedule along with further common token sale stats and news sources, the actual volume of funds and executed token sales in 2018 remains unclear .
  • I would love to list a breakdown of how many security tokens have been issued to date compared to the total number of ICOs, including the number of utility tokens and other minor forms of tokens’ types

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