Dharma Markets Report #5: Visions of Dai

  • The Real Bitcoin Market ’ by Bitwise
    Bitwise Asset Management, the creator of one of the many Bitcoin ETF proposals, sent ruptures through the crypto community after they released their 227 page investigative report on cryptocurrency volume data.
  • The Circle Research team put together an in-depth look at the OTC industry and the key role it plays in the crypto capital markets.
  • Ikigai’s Valuation Depot
    Ikigai Asset Management put together what we view as the canonical resource for crypto valuation frameworks.
  • The depot is split includes qualitative and quantitative frameworks, as well as a set of research papers and tools aimed at helping institutional asset managers make sense of the crypto markets.
  • The SFOX team explored whether or not the market actually values immutability by comparing the network growth in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

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