Did you know: HPB Partnerships & DApps – HPB-Foundation – Medium

  • UnionPay operates under the approval of the People’s Bank of China (central bank of China) and the UnionPay Smart subsidiary provides big-data solutions in industry analysis, business decision-making, digital marketing, and business strategy.
  • The platform enables different users, including banking clients, financial institutions, and UnionPay to conveniently interact and exchange data.
  • Various types of consumer data and contracts are stored on-chain by making use of digital identities (IDs) and transacted via smart contracts.
  • This comprehensive project consists of a decentralized game network, blockchain game engine, distribution platform of quality content, community operation platform, trade center of virtual assets, and a gaming wallet.
  • Firstly, a web wallet, allowing users to access their HPB wallets via a web plug-in browser.

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