Digital Identity and Verifiable Claims #2/5

  • For example, a person may have a login/password from Facebook for accessing their account, credentials provided by their employer for accessing enterprise applications, a government agency issued identity such as a driver’s license or password for accessing public services etc.
  • Traditionally, people carry physical identity such as the passport book, driver’s license card, diplomas and degree certificates, birth certificates and the like to submit as proofs of identity to interested parties.
  • Corporations provide and maintain identity credentials for enterprise access, Government agencies issue identity credentials to access public services, and in both the above cases, a user’s identity is under the control of the issuing entity.
  • In a federated model, multiple entities can subscribe to the same (unique) set of credentials that an individual owns, or multiple credentials issued by various entities can be accessed using one set of credentials.
  • The verifiable claim has to to adhere to a minimum required format that must include among others, public keys, digital signatures, key generation method, authentication schemes, authorization schemes, DIDs and their type etc.
  • There are several fit for purpose implementations focused on identity management such as Sovrin , Digital Bazaar , Veres One and uPort and one can go to their websites to understand more.

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