EDJX gets funding to power serverless near-edge apps secured by blockchain

  • The company aims to power real-time applications at the edge by building the world’s largest edge computing platform using its blockchain-based management of serverless and container-based applications.
  • The goal is to bring cloud computing closer to mobile and IoT devices to accelerate and secure edge applications.
  • EDJX’s platform directs the execution of serverless requests to EdjPods in close physical proximity to mobile and edge devices.
  • With EDJX developers can: Overcome latency and bandwidth limitations at the edge by deploying serverless functions in close proximity to IoT and mobile devices Enable IoT and mobile devices to securely access and record data at the edge using blockchain Pay as you go for edge computing and blockchain usage
    Developed over the past 18 months, EDJX’s serverless edge application platform is now available in early-access.
  • Create new passive revenue streams connected to the utilization of the EDJX network and EdjPods hosted on premises.

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