Ethereum Classic (ETC): Putting Together the New Decentralized ECIP Process

  • In a previous article I wrote about decentralizing the Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal process (ECIP) using the StarIP Standard by Zach Belford and Shane Jonas , ETC core developers at ETC Labs Core , which proposes a deterministic numbering system so ECIPs can be located in different team repositories while minimizing conflicts.
  • In this article I will describe how the three components mentioned above (the StarIP, 24-ECIPURI and old centralized ECIP process on Github) can be put together to serve as ETC’s new decentralized ECIP process.
  • :
    The process uses the ECIP “preamble” format, but uses the metadata in it to hash it and then present it in a simple yet deterministic numbering form to minimize conflicts across ETC developer teams’ proposals.
  • With the StarIP deterministic numbering standard, ETC developer teams can now start proposals in their own Github repositories, following the same standard ECIP process as before, while other developers and ecosystem participants can still view, contribute, discuss and fork their proposals into their own repositories.
  • It is important to note that although the system is decentralized, it still requires from ETC developer teams to follow minimal standards when proposing consensus changes using the ECIP process.

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