Ethereum Price Forecast: How High Can The Price Of Ethereum Go? – Ethereum News Today | Smartereum

  • Matthew De Silva: Close to zero
    Matthew De Silva, a cryptocurrency journalist at Quartz, made his price prediction known in September after prices crashed to the $179 mark.
  • Joseph Raczynski: Ethereum will hit $1,200 by Q4 2019
    Joseph Raczynski, the founder of and a key blockchain influencer with a Twitter following of 153K, expects the value of Ethereum to hit $1,200 by Q4 2019.
  • ‘Another key reason for the rally is that there’s a growing awareness of the need and demand for digital, global currencies in a digitalised, globalised world’, Green said.
  • This gives us a potential market capitalization of roughly $10 trillion, leading us to believe that the price of Ethereum might rise as high as $100,000 per coin.
  • If you look at some of the predictions which are available online, you would realize that certainly, there is a high chance that Ethereum would actually rise in the future as well.

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