Explained: How TRON Works? – Coinnounce

  • Launched in 2017, TRON is a platform for sharing entertainment content with a blockchain that aims to change the global entertainment industry.
  • Tron supports various types of network and smart contract systems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Qtum, and provides developers with multi-protocol infrastructure for the development of entertainment applications and allows users to take advantage of what they call “smooth” smart networks.
  • TRON Platform
    Tron offers a shared platform for the entire entertainment market to keep user information and share it between systems, and thus says it “breaks down information barriers” between applications.
  • Tronix ( TRON ) is the official currency of TRON, which aims to be a decentralized platform for the exchange of entertainment content, which ultimately uses blockchain and peer-to-peer network technologies ( p2p ).
  • The distributed blockchain technology , such as immutability, lack of trust and decentralization, provides the health care sector with the ability to detect fraud, reduce operational costs, smooth processes, eliminate duplication of work and apply transparency to the health care ecosystem.
  • Blockchain technology offers a decentralized health data exchange system that protects and helps to authenticate health information.

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