Gojoy Raises $10 Million in Blind Auction: Set for Listing on CBX Exchange

  • Gojoy – a digital rewards startup has announced the completion of a $10 million token sale event for its native cryptocurrency.
  • Gojoy’s announcement is yet another pointer to the emerging trend of crypto-related rebate programs which some experts believe could set the stage for greater virtual currency adoption in the retail shopping space.
  • According to the press statement, the company sold $10 million worth of Joy Coin – its native cryptocurrency token in a blind auction to over 46,000 investors.
  • Apart from the $10 million successfully raised from the blind auction, the company reportedly wishes to commit about $5 million more into the reward program to incentivize more participants
  • Thus, even when they achieve some success, it hardly leads to greater global virtual currency penetration since the programs are catering to the usual crowd.

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