How Wyoming is Using Blockchain to Ensure Ranchers Get Price Premiums for Sustainably-Raised Beef – AgFunderNews

  • BeefChain uses RFID and IoT tech to create an auditable provenance for grass-fed, pasture-raised meat to help ranchers
    Packaging materials solution company Avery Dennison’s retail branding arm ( RBIS ) and the Wyoming Business Council have tapped blockchain startup BeefChain to help ranchers who use certain management practices like rotational grazing or grass-finishing to reap the pricepoint benefits that consumers are willing to pay for sustainably-raised beef.
  • Due to the way that the beef industry is structured, ranchers are often price takers who have to carry the operating costs of caring for a herd of cows that produce calves for market on a yearly basis.
  • As a packaging company, Avery Dennison will enable the RFID tags to be attached to cases of beef from those animals that can be tracked along the supply chain.
  • Australian startup Provenir is bringing an Uber-like service for meat processing to the Australian beef industry where cattle are processed on-farm and transported to a central hub for further processing.
  • Stanford University graduates developed a startup called PastureMap that uses precision agriculture technology to help ranchers track herd movements and to plan ahead–something that is critical for grass-fed beef operations.

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