Initial Exchange Offerings: The Next Disruptive Force in the Crypto Space?

  • The Next Disruptive Force in the Crypto Space?Initial Exchange Offerings or IEOs are the latest trend taking the crypto space by storm.
  • The key difference between the ICO & the IEO is that in an Initial Exchange Offering a cryptocurrency exchange facilitates the token offering on its platform rather than the startup doing it themselves.
  • So How Successful are IEOs so Far?IEO projects the world over have collectively raised a whopping $1.67 billion so far, according to InWara’s Initial Exchange Offering Report.
  • Bitfinex also recently announced plans to launch its own Initial Exchange Offering platform similar to other cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Huobi.
  • According to InWara’s market intelligence platform, as many as 21 IEO projects have been launched so far, 3 times as many as Binance- widely considered to be the pioneer of the IEO model and the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume.

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