Introducing Fulcrum: Tokenized Margin Made Dead Simple

  • If you have a web3 wallet such as Metamask or Equal installed, simply go to, click lend , select your asset, submit the quantity, and approve the transaction (see user guide below).
  • If you want 4x long exposure to ETH, simply select 4x under ETH long, click buy, enter the number you want to buy, click buy, and approve the transaction (see user guide below).
  • When a lender wants to create a loan, they invoke the function mintWithEther when loaning ETH, or if loaning an ERC20, approve a token allowance and invoke the function mint .
  • In order to enter into a margin position, two steps must take place: a loan must be filled, and the borrowed asset must be exchanged.
  • When the mint function of a pToken contract is called, it fills a loan using the appropriate iToken lending pool then calls the KyberSwap contract to swap the borrowed asset.
  • As funds from the iToken contract are borrowed and interest accrues to the lending pool, the exchange rate between iTokens and the loan asset increases, allowing iToken holders to redeem a greater amount of the underlying asset relative to when they first minted the iToken.

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