Juventus Become The First Football Club In The World To Be Tokenized

  • Juventus fans are using  $JUV (Juventus Fan Tokens) now to vote in the first poll on the platform from tomorrow to choose a new goal celebration song at the Allianz Stadium.
  • Through Socios.com, regular football fans are being introduced to cryptocurrencies, as well as a blockchain platform where they can take part in the club decision-making process using digital assets.
  • “I look forward to witnessing the whole ideology of Socios.com brought to life when Juventus score their first goal at the Allianz Stadium in 2020 and 40,000+ fans in the stadium, and countless more around the world, celebrate to the tune of a song chosen by fans on our blockchain-based platform.
  • Bringing cryptocurrency directly to the heart of mainstream sports culture, and targeting a huge fan base of 423* million fans around the world, Juventus is the first football team to issue Fan Tokens.
  • The Serie A Champions will release a video across their channels to announce the launch and the first poll to be held on Socios.com.

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