Kabbalah as explained by quantum physics

  • In the introduction to From Infinity to Man , author Eduard Shyfrin offers a concise, but meaningful history of modern Kabbalah, noting its beginnings in southern France in the twelfth century, its spread to Spain, and then to Israel after the Spanish Inquisition in the fifteenth century.
  • These innovations, including a transcendent God – the Ein Sof;  ten insubstantial emanations – Sephirot; the contraction that allowed for creation – Tzimtzum;  and the Four Worlds, form the kabbalistic principles on which From Infinity to Man draws its inspiration.
  • Shyfrin covers ten topics, concentrating on six, including creation, divine providence, and the soul.
  • Such is the case, for instance, in his search for links between information theory, the Torah, and divine providence, especially miracles.
  • His works include: The Comprehensive Jewish and Civil Calendars: 2001 to 2240; The Jewish Calendar: History and Inner Workings, Second Edition ; and Sepher Yetzirah: The Book That Started Kabbalah, Revised Edition.

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