Liberian Scholar Calls for Urgent Constitutional Reform to Advance Decentralization in Liberia

  • He pointed out that countries that experience violent civil wars and political crises normally seek to address their problems through broader constitutional reform with the aim of promoting political participation and inclusive democratic governance.
  • He gave a background of the council which he said began in the early 1900s as a forum for Liberian leaders to engage with indigenous tribal chiefs and seek their support for the then inchoate Liberian state facing threats from British and French imperial powers competing for territorial control in West Africa.
  • However, the council became a fully established institution in 2006 when it was first enacted in the budget Act, and since then “relations among local people and their political leaders have transformed with more demand for political accountability”, he said.
  • He called on President Weah to take advantage of his current authority and unmatched popularity to lead the country into a process of reform in line with the current demands of democratic government and socio-economic rights.

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