Mesh Networkers GoTenna to Leverage Bitcoin for Decentralized Comms

  • The minds behind the off-grid mesh networking startup goTenna have spun off a new subsidiary, Global Mesh Labs, to pursue an open-source plan of incentivizing decentralized comms via bitcoin micropayments on the Lightning Network.
  • That plan, actualized in the form of the Lot49 protocol that goTenna engineer Richard Myers and company co-founder Daniela Perdomo spearheaded, aims to make reliable, peer-to-peer, and low bandwidth comms made through mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) a viable alternative to centralized ISPs and mobile carriers.
  • Specifically, Lot49 is designed to use MANETs and payment channels, a la the Lightning Network, to incentivize an international global messaging network, i.e. Lot49 relay nodes receive payments for successful transmissions.

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