New Platform Says It Enables Regular and Advanced Users to Create Their Own Crypto Fund

  • Crypto funds act as a “basket” of different digital assets and can offer a variety of benefits over purchasing individual coins, such as ease of management and the relative safety that comes with diversification.
  • The team behind the Iconomi platform says it wants to offer a way for all users – regular and advanced – to easily get involved in cryptocurrency funds, without the complications that often come with traditional offerings like exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which can find customers navigating obscure terms and putting up with minimum buy-ins.
  • The reason that some users look to actively or passively managed funds, as opposed to just individual coins, is that diversity comes with a variety of benefits.
  • For one, clients don’t have to pick and choose which projects they support one at a time, but instead can create a portfolio that intelligently channels their money into predefined currencies.
  • Iconomi has come in to offer users control over their own fund, whereas usually one would have to seek out such a product from an institution , often putting up with limitations such as lack of control over how the money is managed.

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