Opinion | The Quantum Computing Threat to American Security

  • Developers are probably years away from the large-scale code-breaking quantum computer everyone worries about-although once scientists and engineers start using quantum computers to build the next generation of quantum computers (since modeling complex systems like themselves is one of their strengths) the timeline could quickly shorten.
  • In addition to more money, the U.S. needs a three-phase national-security strategy to protect and defend American data, networks and infrastructure from future quantum attack.
  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology is working to set a comprehensive standard for these quantum-resistant algorithms so they can be deployed by 2024, but companies in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere are already building algorithms and other protective tools.
  • The same particles that make quantum computing possible can provide randomized and unhackable keys for encrypted transmissions, in the form of quantum random number generators and quantum key distribution, a method of securing information shared between two parties.
  • Third, require that all U.S. data and networks, including future 5G technology, be made secure from quantum attack while devoting resources to build the hack-proof quantum communication networks of the future.

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