Quantum information gets a boost from thin-film breakthrough

  • LOS ALAMOS, N.M., May 29, 2019 – Efforts to create reliable light-based quantum computing, quantum key distribution for cybersecurity, and other technologies got a boost from a new study demonstrating an innovative method for creating thin films to control the emission of single photons.
  • “Efficiently controlling certain thin-film materials so they emit single photons at precise locations-what’s known as deterministic quantum emission-paves the way for beyond-lab-scale quantum materials,” said Michael Pettes, a Los Alamos National Laboratory materials scientist and leader of the multi-institution research team.
  • Single-photon generation is a requirement for all-optical quantum computing and key distribution in quantum communications, and it is crucial for advancing quantum information technologies.
  • An innovative method for controlling single-photon emission for specific locations in 2D materials may offer a new path toward all-optical quantum computers and other quantum technologies.

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