R3 Founder Finds Security Aspect of Mining “Pretty Scary,” Shares All During MCC 2019

  • Prague-based, Braiins, company operating Slush Pool, a crypto-mining pool, launched the Braiins OS Cobalt sometime last year.
  • During the recently held Magical Crypto Conference 2019, Co-Founder and CEO of Braiins, Pavel Movarek shared his view point on the current mining situation from a security stance, which he deems “pretty scary” and shared what needs to be done to tackle this, reports AMB Crypto.
  • On Thursday, May 30, it has been reported by Crypto Ninjas that Braiins will be rebranding itself after having indulged six years of time into Slush Pool.
  • US Crypto Users And Investors Are Being Affected By SIM Swappi…

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