SingularityNET announces AI collaboration with Ping An and Nature 2.0

  • Leading AI company SingularityNET, whose decentralized platform lets anyone create, share, and deploy AI services at scale, announced today AI collaboration with Ping An, a Chinese holding conglomerate, and the world’s 10th largest public company.
  • Ping An is recognized as the world’s most valuable insurance brand, and with an impressive 170 million customers and 459 million internet users, it ranked as the third largest global financial services company in 2018.
  • At the beginning of the collaboration, SingularityNET and Ping An will focus on three main areas: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Cross Validation (CV) and model training, where SingularityNET’s ecosystem could be applied for commercial purposes.
  • The AI company also announced a partnership with Nature 2.0, a community-initiative of which Enexis Netbeheer is a key enabler.

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