STO Whitepaper Research – Avoiding Crypto Scams

  • Apart from making sure that you invest in a solid project, whitepaper research can also help you avoid scams.
  • So if you are thinking about investing in a new token or STO, and also want to avoid scams, your first stop is reading the whitepaper.
  • Scam warning: If the roadmap states that a mainnet will be delivered within a few months, that would be great, but could also indicate that they’re trying to make a quick buck (unless they started the development way before the STO of course).
  • Normally the best token allocation for investors is projects with a low token supply, so you get a bigger piece of the pie when you invest.
  • Scam warning: This is a difficult factor, but it might give you an idea as to whether or not they’re realistic about the project, or if they just want to make a lot of money.

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