The Blockchain of Basic Income is Really about Owning our own Data

  • Having total control over our own data and being able to monetize it the way we like would be a more ideal self-sovereign identity freedom and human right.
  • We all know companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon make billions of dollars in profits every year by leveraging all of the data created by their users.
  • We are those same consumers, those very same workers who find their livelihoods most at risk in this coming era of automation, will be also those consumers who today provide some of the world’s largest companies with the data they need to grow and profit.
  • Blockchain architectures that can help manage our self sovereign identity will be able to enable us to have control over our data online.
  • This will involve many layers, many choices many potential platforms, payments systems, basic services, utilities, access to convenience and online transactions.
  • It would be a vision of the future where basic income, blockchain, AI and a secure freedom would all have their place supporting people and global citizens and treating them as equals and not just as data to be exploited, sold and extracted.

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