The GRAFT Supernode & RTA

  • The GRAFT supernode is the backbone of the GRAFT blockchain’s 2nd layer and it enables many different functionalities including: Real-Time Authorizations Network Service Brokers Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Smart Contract Merchant Tokens V-Chains (Virtual Chains) Cryptocurrency Payment & Transaction Types
  • Now, it’s important to note here that there are two different types of supernodes that are part GRAFT’s 2nd layer network.
  • Now, in order to understand how the authorization sample enables real-time authorizations on the GRAFT network, let’s explore each layer of the GRAFT blockchain and explain how a typical transaction is routed through the network.
  • Let’s take a look at a typical transaction on GRAFT’s network to understand how it is routed through both layers and how real-time authorizations of cryptocurrency payments become possible.

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