This is Fiction

  • In this model intelligent agents have an objective metric (fluctuating market price of event assets) that will measure the value of information they produce (event assets).
  • Because event assets can represent any type of information (fiction books, music, scientific discoveries, etc), the generation of novel events via machine learning can be viewed as the birth of artificial general intelligence.
  • For event mining and prediction markets to work, novel event formation must be diverse and hard to predict.
  • Prediction markets wouldn’t work if the simulators need to trust their coders to write the code that will tell them what is going to happen next inside the simulation.
  • It addresses the market need for event diversity as each system would have a unique perspective thus generating a wealth of diverse mental events.
  • The nature of efficiently self-defined information satisfies the market need for trustless, transparent, efficiently run, hard to predict, diverse formation and validation of novel events.

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