TRON’s BitTorrent (BTT) Begins Testing of BLive Streaming Service | BTCMANAGER

  • The BitTorrent/TRON ( TRX ) blockchain project are set to begin internal testing of BitTorrent Live ( BLive ), a mobile streaming service the team claims will enable users to create live video content, connect with like minds and earn BTT, according to a blog post on August 27, 2019.
  • As stated in the post , the BitTorrent team is about to commence internal testing of BLive, a distributed ledger technology ( DLT ) streaming platform the team claims would open a whole new world of opportunities for content creators and users.
  • That’s not all, the team claims BLive will support a range of features, including audio/video live streams, an instant messaging system that allows multiple users to communicate and collaborate in real-time, and deposit/withdrawal services of BTT as well as other altcoins.
  • Per the team, the internal testing phase represents the Alpha version of BLive, where the team builds the underlying system, including the audio/video live stream service, payments system, gifting system e.t.c and invite a select group of users to test it.

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