UK Banking Giants Throw Their Hat Into the Blockchain Real Estate Ring – Coindoo

  • The increase in blockchain technology use within the real industry gained some real momentum recently when two prominent UK-based institutional banks declared their interest in being part of a trial that is looking at ways blockchain can streamline and improve the real estate industry.
  • It wasn’t too long ago that institutional banking giants like RBS and Barclays were openly skeptical of blockchain technology, but it seems they have changed their tune somewhat in recent times.
  • Salmons was likely referencing the fact that despite a positive outlook, blockchain technology inroads to the financial industry had cooled somewhat towards the end of last year, leaving uptake forecasts well below their presumed levels.
  • In Europe we’ve seen the B11G project, looking at creating a high-tech industrial storage unit in Estonia, while Ruden Holdings in Japan have implemented smart contract technology to remove much of the time-consuming protocol that is currently part of the real estate process.

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