Vega Protocol Discusses Four Technical Obstacles That Can Paralyze Decentralized Trading

  • Klaus Kursawe, Vega Protocol BFT and blockchain researcher, led discussions during San Francisco Blockchain Week on how many of today’s decentralized trading protocols are sidestepping or paving over four major technical issues that will preclude mainstream adoption of DeFi products.
  • Fairness: While many DeFI products do not care too much about fairness – in Bitcoin, for example, it is part of the system that one can pay the miners for preferred processing – trading applications need to take more care about this.
  • Vega’s decentralized trading protocol resolves the issues above for posterity, presenting a better or alternative protocol for the development of, and porting over of existing DeFi products and exchanges.
  • As it stands, DeFi applications being built on smart contract platforms, depending on their use case, could potentially encounter obstacles as these impossibility results arise.

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