We’re Not Dead Yet: A Year-End Review of the ICO Market

  • Yet: A Year-End Review of the ICO Market
    Jan 29
    At the end of 2018, experts asserted that the ICO market was essentially dead.
  • No More Money
    2018 was expected to be the cleanup year for the ICO market: everyone who had promised to launch beta versions and hadn’t yet burned through their investor funding would finally present what they had promised to the market, the public would become more educated, leaving nothing for out-and-out scams to feast on, and Bitcoin would, if not continue its growth, then at least reach a certain level of stability.
  • According to Ernst&Young analysts, the decrease in the value of most projects’ tokens may have to do with the fact that the teams that carried out the ICOs did not show enough commitment to their ideas and coins.
  • The desire for quick money turned out to be stronger than ideas, and cryptocurrencies and blockchain did not mesh well with many of the types of businesses that tried to raise money through ICOs.
  • The number of experts in promoting financial projects seemed enormous in fall 2017: even ticket vendors, managers with one month of experience, and anyone with a free second tried their hand at promoting ICO projects.

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